Think you know Pembina?


Maybe you know us from our work drawing attention to the environmental, climate and human costs of fossil fuel development. Maybe you know of our collaborations with oil and gas companies that resulted in pragmatic solutions allowing for development and job growth with less environmental harm. And perhaps you know our work on building code and climate accountability in B.C., transit development in Ontario or climate policy at the federal level.

Through it all, since our beginnings in rural Alberta following a fatal gas well explosion, the Pembina Institute has worked with industry, labour, governments, Indigenous peoples, communities, academia and other environmental groups to provide research, analysis and policy solutions that protect Canadians. We find that bringing all the players to the table and working together — not fighting each other — results in adoptable, achievable solutions. Given the complexity of the climate change problem, we’re committed to overcoming polarization and collaborating to protect Canadians across all sectors of our economy. Keep reading to find out how well you know Pembina.



Did you know the Pembina Institute映射出的路径,碳中性油砂through efficiencies, technologies like carbon capture and storage, and investments in climate offsets … as early as 2006?2019年,CNRL和梅格能量,两个主要的加拿大oilsands producers, announced their intention to achieve zero-emission oilsands.

Did you know the Pembina Institute helped develop the regulatory framework forcarbon capture and storage项目开发在艾伯塔省?这些努力有助于加拿大作为一个领导者我位置n CCS venture formation and are key to the deep decarbonization that will make Alberta’s oil more competitive as demand for lower-carbon energy increases.

你知道首创的彭比纳研究所万博网址environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators for the oilsands through company-specific对环境绩效报告卡oilsands miningandin-situ operations我们与公司合作,以确保数据准确,并提供简报基于对最终结果的公司。今天ESG指标 - 把它们作为环境信用评级 - 对投资者决定是否艾伯塔省是一个好地方投资的必备读物。在21st-century脱碳经济,如果没有良好的信用环境,你就不太可能吸引投资。

Did you know the Pembina Institute worked with leading oilsands companies and other environmental organizations to advance jointcarbon pricing recommendationsto improve oilsands climate performance?Consensus recommendations demonstrated to Canadians that the oilsands could be responsibly developed. The joint nature of the recommendations made it possible for the Government of Alberta to develop the province’s Climate Leadership Plan, which was the most significant step forward in climate action in Alberta’s history, and served to advance climate policy across the country. Agreement on industrial carbon pricing in Alberta contributed to its inclusion as part of Canada’s first climate plan, the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

Did you know the Pembina Institute contributed to the creation of the annual limit on oilsands emissions?我们用精油协同工作了许多年ands companies — including Suncor, Cenovus and Shell — and other environmental organizations to develop joint recommendations on stronger climate regulations for the oilsands. These recommendations were provided to the Government of Alberta which eventually set an actual限制对油砂排放。This is a powerful accomplishment — but incomplete. The emissions cap isn’t properly enshrined in regulations and will need to decline over time in alignment with Canada’s overall emissions reductions goals.

Did you know the Pembina Institute improved oilsands company profitability and environmental performance by recommending a different cut-off grade for recovered bitumen?彭比纳的request for review of oilsands Directive 82was reaffirmed by Shell at its Albian Mine, where the company found that reducing the lowest grade recovered bitumen by five per cent resulted in an eight per cent reduction in greenhouse gases and an 18 per cent reduction in fluid fine tailings. This pilot work proved that keeping low-grade bitumen in the ground has both environmental and economic benefits. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers adopted Pembina’s request for review as an example of a rare environmental, social and economic win-win-win for the oilsands.

你知道彭比纳研究所注目的不列颠哥伦万博网址比亚压裂的淡水和健康的影响进行更多的研究需要?万搏官网我们的research从公元前中的压裂天然气风险水和公共卫生在全省被引用panel reporton hydraulic fracturing.

Did you know the Pembina Institute first published “When the Oilpatch Comes to Your Backyard” in 2001 to help landowners navigate their relationship with companies when oil and gas wells are abandoned?This popular publication was updated in 2004 and again in2016。Given the growing number of inactive and orphaned wells, we released anew supplemental primerwith support from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation in October 2019.



Did you know the Pembina Institute helped create the world’s largest protected boreal forest?彭比纳是第一个组织倡导保护区保护野生动物的地区由油砂发展。我们与产业界和土著组织影响的累积环境管理协会的一部分,使被列入下阿萨巴斯卡区域规划,这些建议之一,万搏官网这导致的13600平方公里保护节约土地的指定。当添加到现有的保护区,这导致world’s largest protected boreal forest。The boreal forest is a significant carbon sink and home to wildlife listed as threatened under Canada’s Species at Risk Act.

你知道保护补偿 - 要求公司补偿的伤害,通过额外的减排努力生态系统的机制 - 首次提出以抵消油砂矿由彭比纳研究所的影响在2008年?万博网址万搏官网Pembina was a founding member of the Alberta Association for Conservation Offsets; member companies included Shell, Conoco Nexen and Teck. In the seminalCatching Up报告中,我们的油砂描述的情况,以及潜在的使用,养护偏移。在其2019平台,阿尔伯塔省的联合保守党承诺将“鼓励和增加使用省级发展政策开发信贷和养护偏移”(p. 86)。

Energy efficient buildings in B.C.


Did you know the Pembina Institute helped drive the creation and uptake of B.C.’s能源步进码, which serves as a blueprint for improving energy efficiency for the rest of Canada?Pembina conducted research and then worked with industry, trades, professionals, utilities, governments and other NGOs to find agreement on how to include energy efficiency in the building code in British Columbia. In 2017, Pembina co-founded the Three for All coalition to support municipal implementation of the Step Code after its introduction. Many of our recommendations on new buildings are reflected in B.C. and Canadian climate plans.

Vehicle traffic in Toronto


Did you know Canada’s first national climate plan contains numerous recommendations made by the Pembina Institute?The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change includes such彭比纳建议as a national price on carbon pollution, phase out of coal-fired electricity generation, support for renewable energy development in remote communities, methane regulations, zero-emission vehicle targets and the introduction of a clean fuel standard.

Did you know the Pembina Institute contributed to the strongest climate accountability legislation in North America?再加上一些环保组织彭比纳提出recommendationsfor accountability mechanisms to the provincial government in British Columbia, which were then included in the CleanBC plan, and供奉在立法。不列颠哥伦比亚省的气候变化责任法案提供了公元前的对气候目标的进展情况的透明度,无论政府的权力。我们现在所提倡看到包括在联邦一级类似的问责机制。

你知道彭比纳研究所帮现代化加拿大的万博网址环保法规?Pembina worked collectively within a caucus of environmental NGOs leading the effort to reform the National Energy Board. When legislation was tabled, Pembina appeared as an expert witness at both the House and Senate committees studying the bill. Passed in 2019, the Canadian Energy Regulator Act (CERA) and the Impact Assessment Act (IAA) included anumber of recommendations由彭比纳制造,如有意义的公众参与的承诺和气候影响所有主要的能源基础设施项目的评估。万搏官网

Did you know the Pembina Institute is playing a critical role working with industry and government on creating and implementing the Clean Fuel Standard?As a big country, with long drives to sports competitions, to visit family and move goods from one province to another, it’s essential we tackle emissions from transportation. In 2016, during consultations on Canada’s national climate plan, we recommended that the federal government adopt a low-carbon fuel standard on transportation. Since the Clean Fuel Standard was announced as part of the Pan-Canadian Framework, we have worked closely with government, industry, and civil society stakeholders to ensure the policy is implemented in an environmentally and economically robust manner. TheClean Fuel Standardwill gradually lower the carbon content of Canada’s fuel mix, helping to grow the clean fuel industry across the country. This work alone equates to taking seven million cars off the road.

Did you know the Pembina Institute informed the development of the federal industrial carbon pricing system to level the playing field for renewable energy?Pembina co-operated with health groups and renewable energy associations, and provided a consistent voice at consultations, to ensure federal output-based pricing system regulations include a declining standard for new natural gas plants that goes to zero in 2030. This regulation is essential to create a level playing field for renewable energy. Pembina’srecent analysis of carbon pricing systemsfor large industrial emitters found that of the four provinces that designed their own heavy emitter carbon pricing system, only British Columbia’s meets the minimum requirements set by the federal government. (Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick do not.)

Wind turbines on agricultural land


Did you know the Pembina Institute’s new research shows that even in Alberta, where natural gas is at historic low prices, new clean energy portfolios can provide electricity for consumers at equal service and lower costs than new gas plants?我们的economic analysisshowed that clean energy portfolios — which include solar, wind, battery storage, energy efficiency and demand flexibility — provide the same services as new gas plants even in peak demand scenarios. This is a game-changer for provinces phasing out coal or looking to meet increased energy demands.

你知道彭比纳研究所陈列柜亚伯达驱动万博网址21st-century New Energy Economy?Projects by Albertans that leverage low-carbon opportunities are featured in aninteractive website汇集了清洁能源行动者和提供信息,以帮助新玩家开始自己的可持续能源企业。




Did you know the Pembina Institute launched the Business Renewables Centre Canada, which helps businesses source renewable energy directly from developers?BRC-加拿大creates tools that help first-time buyers make informed procurement decisions and complete deals faster, more easily, and more cost-effectively. With major renewable energy development announcements stacking up, and with Starbucks, RBC, IBM and dozens of other members having joined the BRC-Canada ranks, the turning point is within reach.

你知道彭比纳研究所正在努力使城镇货万博网址运业务现代化,我们的城市更便于管理和减少压力?Cleaner air, calmer streets and your packages delivered on time? Yes, please! Founding partners in our城市物流配送解决方案计划包括加拿大邮政,Purolator和UPS。期待的好消息在新的一年为大家带来的市级,省级和联邦领导共同为国家论坛,以加速变革urban freight

The Alberta Narratives Project bringing together citizens from a variety of backgrounds


你知道彭比纳研究所进行了一项突破性万博网址的公民社会科学的实验,汇聚了广泛的阿尔伯达解决两极分化?As an Alberta-based organization, we know progress on diversifying our energy supply hinges on addressing deepening polarization. OurAlberta Narratives Project— which brought together oilsands workers, ranchers, teachers, business leaders, youth, new Canadians, policy makers, faith leaders and many more Albertans to find common ground — is broadening in scope. It couldn’t come at a better time as the forces that seek to divide Canadians get louder, just as we need to work together to address the incredibly complex problem of diversifying and decarbonizing our energy supply.

A pragmatic path to prosperity

万搏官网For decades we have worked with industry, businesses, communities, governments, academia and others to improve environmental outcomes and tackle greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, those seeking to preserve “business as usual” for the 20th-century fossil fuel industry are actively polarizing Canadians just as we desperately need to work together to solve the incredibly complex and increasingly urgent energy and climate issues that threaten to tear our nation apart. As Canada’s national energy think tank, founded in Alberta with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa, we will continue to bring industry, governments and others together to build understanding and a pragmatic path for prosperity in a 21st-century low-carbon economy. We hope you’ll join us.


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